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When Superstar Rajinikant did the most badass thing!!

By early 1990s, Rajnikanth was already the superstar and demi-god to the people of Tamil Nadu.

Superstar Rajinikant

One day, his car was stopped by the police as then-chief-minister Jayalalitha’s caravan was about to cross.

‘I need to go’, said the superstar.  ‘Sorry, Sir,’ said the policeman. Further he continued ‘The traffic can’t move until the CM’s entourage drives past the road.’

‘When will that happen?’, asked the superstar. ‘Maybe, in half an hour from now, Sir.’ replied the policemen. Conversation continued.’ I am sure no car is so big to take half an hour. Why don’t you allow the crowd and vehicles to move until then?’ asked the superstar.

Still, the Police didn’t accede to his request and told him to wait. Rajnikanth, by then, was vexed with Jayalalitha’s queen-size-lifestyle, VIP-ship and blocking roads every time her motorcade zoomed past.

He got down from his car, went to a tiny box shop, bought a 555 cigarette and started smoking leisurely there.

People saw and gathered around him quickly. In few minutes, the whole area was jam-packed with a huge crowd and total chaos prevailed. Jayalalitha could not even come out of her residence because of the swelling crowd.

The policemen got scared. He came to him and asked: ‘Sir, Can you please go?’. Rajnikanth replied: ‘That’s what I had asked you then. But you told me to wait. It’s okay. I don’t mind waiting. Let her pass first.’

Star-power thus outshone and dimmed the Chief-minister’s power.

yenna rascala mind it

This incident is mentioned in the book The Name Is Rajinikanth.

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