TripTrip : An Awesome Trip Planner For Your Dream Destination

TripTrip Trip Planner

Summer is almost here. Planning a trip to your dream destination? TripTrip can help you in that. It’s a mind-blowing trip planner. Well, there are a lot of other tools out there in the market but this one, it’s simplest, it has a clean user interface. And it’s free! Scroll down to watch video walkthrough!

Add Days to your plan

You get an option to add as many days into your plan as many you want. Thereafter, you can add the hotel day-wise. See the image below how I planned a two-day trip to New York. It’s just an example though.  Let’s dive deep into this Trip Planner.
TripTrip Trip Planner

Add Hotel to you Trip Planner

Clicking on the Add Hotel in a day column provides you with a list of popular hotels of the place you’re planning to visit. It has all the details such as  price range ,  reviews ,  ratings ,  address ,  hours  and  contact number , in case you need to inquire something. Also, you can add a note to a hotel which will be visible only to you.

TripTrip Trip Planner

Add Other Items to you Plan

Next step is to Add Trip Items where you get to add items from various categories such as  food ,  hotels ,  shopping ,  transport ,  landmarks ,  nightlife ,  museums ,  parks  or any custom item you’d want to add. Each and every item in it has all the details as I described above such as ratings, pricing etc.

TripTrip Trip Planner

Video Walkthrough of TripTrip Trip Planner

Here’s a walkthrough on how to plan an awesome trip (YouTube Video)

Soon enough, you’ll be able to  browse other people’s Itineraries  and do  1-click bookings  of hotels, restaurants etc. It’s really cool to have this kind of tool.

What are your thoughts on TripTrip? Do let me know in the comments section below. Also, do not forget to subscribe to Wroffle. To do so, just  tap the bell icon at the bottom-left of your screen .


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