ThreadRadar Review: Get alerted when someone mentions you anywhere!

Ever wondered about getting alert as soon as your brand or name gets mentioned on the internet so that you can remain updated about your public image. Or maybe you want to keep yourself updated about a particular thing or topic just for knowledge. Or, maybe you are preparing for an exam and want to keep track of a particular issue as in current affairs! An Alert tool is what is necessary for this. ThreadRadar is an exceptional tool which can help you do the same. Read on!

The Good about ThreadRadar

Signing up is very easy! All you have to do is to provide your email address and set up a password. You’ll be redirected to their dashboard.


To monitor a keyword, you can add it by clicking on ‘Manage my keywords’ white button at the top-right of your screen.


Enter your keyword in the space provided. You can select platforms on which you want to track. Right now, ThreadRadar supports 4 platforms viz. Reddit, Product Hunt, Hacker News and Indie Hackers. Then select the mode of alert. You get two options here viz. Email and SMS. Then hit ‘Create Monitor’ green button.


You can see all the keywords that you are tracking here.


If you want to edit a keyword that is already getting tracked, click on the green edit button under Actions column against your keyword.


The Bad about ThreadRadar

There is no free plan. You can try all features for 2 weeks. You can track 5 keywords only in the cheapest plan. Indeed you get unlimited email alerts, 100 SMS alerts, and 1 email recipient in the Hobby plan which is the cheapest at $19 per month.

Also, don’t forget to read about DomainWatch, a tool which automates tracking domain name availability.



ThreadRadar is super awesome for a startup and big brand who want to maintain a public image of theirs. It can help them reply for every consumer who mentions about their brand on big platforms like Reddit and Product Hunt. But if you are an individual who just wants to track issues, I think you need to stick with Google Alerts which is totally free of cost!



Ease of use


Notification Speed




Relevant Results


Written by Ankur Shrivastava

Twitter @ankshva | Ankur Shrivastava is a Tech enthusiast, a Digital Marketer and a Finance Geek with an experience in SEO and Affiliate Marketing. He writes primarily about digital startups, digital marketing, WordPress, and B2B topics. Being a Finance geek, he also writes about Financial Fixes.

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