Power of Compounding in creating wealth.

Power of compounding can help you become rich! Do you need any other reason to invest? I don’t think so! It helps you create wealth and become rich! That’s the beauty of it.

Incredibly powerful in multiplying money

The beauty of compounding is that you don’t have to work for every penny. Your money will work for you. Yes, money makes money. Investing 1000 bucks per month at 10% annual rate of interest for 10 years makes it more than double the invested amount. What did you do? Nothing. You money worked for you! This was just an example of a small amount! Invest more than that in Equity Mutual Funds and you can even get up to 70% annual interest or in share market directly and you may even get more than 100% returns within a short span of time. In the long run, generally one may get between 10-20% annual returns which is the power of Equity.

Power of compounding can make you a Millionaire

What’s a million? It’s 1000000 in numbers. And what’s a crore? Its 10000000 in numbers.

To get this amount, you just need to invest. No hard work. Nothing. Investing just 3000 bucks per month at 18% will give you more than a million in 10 years. Total investment would be just 360K and your profit would be the rest amount ie. 640K.

What you need to know is where an how to invest! That’s the most important thing. You will lose all your money otherwise. I’ll help you with that!

Helps you live your dream life.

Ever dreamed of living a life full of traveling abroad? Or a life enjoying on a beach without working full time? Or building a retirement fund in crores? You must have! No doubt! Everybody wants that!

But a majority of people could not achieve that because they don’t have a perfect guidance to multiply their money and end up wasting all their life earnings. Don’t worry. You will live your dream life.

or Start Investing. Make your first move!

Written by Ankur Shrivastava

Twitter @ankshva | Ankur Shrivastava is a Tech enthusiast, a Digital Marketer and a Finance Geek with an experience in SEO and Affiliate Marketing. He writes primarily about digital startups, digital marketing, WordPress, and B2B topics. Being a Finance geek, he also writes about Financial Fixes.

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