The Ultimate Guide to AutoDraw : Online Drawing Tool for Dummies by Google! (It’s Free)

autodraw online drawing tool

Have you ever tried to draw and left it just because you think you are not good enough? Or maybe you never tried to draw thinking you are not capable enough! It’s time to chuck that weird feeling and get started drawing using AutoDraw. It’s a cool drawing tool for dummies! Basically, it is a drawing app for PC.

What is AutoDraw all about?

You just have to make a rough sketch of anything you can imagine, and you’ll get awesome suggestions. It’s a very less popular Google’s App named ‘AutoDraw’. It tries to guess whatever you try to draw. Like when I tried to draw a flower, it suggested some very nice flowers’ drawing. Here’s what I drew and what AutoDraw suggested:

Drawing Tool
See what I drew and what the result was!

Suggestions Bar

Cool huh? Indeed! It gives a lot of suggestions on the top horizontally scrollable bar! Just scroll it and you’ll find a lot of cool suggestions! It can also be called a drawing program so you can also draw diagrams concerning your studies!

Drawing Tool

AutoDraw Drawing Tool is for Dummies!

I drew a random zig-zag, even for that it suggested a lot of mind-blowing figures! Guess my drawing! 😛 Check the image below:

Drawing Tool
Draw anything you can imagine, the result will always be awesome!

Video Walkthrough of AutoDraw

Check this Video Walkthrough of AutoDraw!

You can use AutoDraw to draw illustrators for your comic if you are a comic writer. Or if you aren’t able to find an image on the internet concerning your imagination, you can take help of AutoDraw to bring your imagination to life! If you are a parent, this online drawing tool will be helpful for your kid to make him understand the actual drawing and improve his/her imagination with the help of suggestions AutoDraw provides!

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