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Retire with 5 crores by investing just 3700 per month!


Updated on: October 15th, 2017 10:03 pm

Retirement Plan. Retirement Plan is one of the most sought plan yet one of the most confusing. People work all their lives and wish to save some amount for their retirement.

retire with 5 crores

A friend of mine asked me once: how much money is enough to retire at 40 in india? It motivated me to write this article so that others could benefits from the knowledge I have.

How can a person create wealth for his retirement? How much to save for retirement in india? We’ll will discuss the same in this article and I will let you know the simplest way to build a corpus of amount in crores for retirement.

You don’t need a retirement corpus calculator but at least do need some idea how stuff works. Did you know that by investing just 3700 per month, you can retire with 5 crores in hand.

Even if you managed to accumulate this amount, do you the value of 1 crore after 20 years or 30 years? Inflation is a big hurdle in wealth creation.  Let’s first understand how this is possible. Read on.

How do mutual funds help you realize your dream and create wealth?

Investing directly into share market needs knowledge, time and patience! Does that mean if one wishes to create wealth doing nothing, he’ll have to study business and stock market? No!

Mutual Funds comes in here!

What’s Mutual Fund?

According to Wikipedia, “A mutual fund is a professionally managed investment fund that pools money from many investors to purchase securities”. In layman language we can say: It is a fund which comprises of investors'(your) money, which is managed by a professional and experienced fund manager who knows how much, when and at what price to buy or sell a share in market on your behalf so that you don’t make mistakes, lose your money and time and helps you create wealth! It also helps you make a million dollars fast.

One advantage of mutual funds is that they provide a higher level of diversification, they provide liquidity, and they are managed by professional investors(known as fund managers). On the negative side, investors in a mutual fund must pay nominal fees and expenses.

How to Start investing to create wealth?

First of all, one needs two things to get started!

  • PAN Number
  • Bank account

In addition to these, one needs to get KYC verification done which is a 2 minutes step with Aadhaar OTP method if one has an Aadhaar Number. Register on Zerodha Coin to get started! I’ll explain why I recommend this! Basically, there are two types of funds in Mutual Funds viz. Regular and Direct Funds.

How to retire with 5 crores?

Assuming your present age to be 25 years old and the retirement age to be 60 years, you have 35 years to retire.

retire with 5 crores

When inflation is not considered

If you invest 3700 per month as Systematic Investment Plan in a Direct Mutual Fund on Zerodha which gives around 15% per annum interest for the next 35 years, you’ll retire with a corpus above 5 crores. Zerodha gives you the ease of instant starting, pausing, stopping a SIP with excellent support team!

retire with 5 crores

Expected corpus when inflation is not considered

Well, that’s when you don’t consider inflation.

Taking inflation into account

Due to inflation, these 5.5 crores would be worth today’s 1 crore. That too is not a small amount! 3700 per month is giving 1 crores. You will be a millionaire! What else do you want? It’s a fortune!

Retire with 5 crores

Effect of inflation

Taking inflation into account, let’s calculate again.

retire with 5 crores

When inflation is considered

Growth with Inflation

Retire with 5 crores

Expected corpus when inflation is considered

What’s worth 5.5 crores today will be worth 27.5 crores 35 years from now. Thus to get 5 crores of real value after 35 years from now(27.5 crores), you’ll need to invest 18500 per month Investing 18500 per month, you will retire with 27 crores an investing 3700 you will retire with 5 crores! Hit Like and Share if you liked this article!

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