You need to read this if you use Paytm!

fake paytm app

Paytm has got a Doppelganger!! It’s “Prank Paytm”.

No, I’m not speaking about the data leak of Kashmiri’s to a political party.

Paytm is more commonly used nowadays, instead of cash and debit/credit cards we are using Paytm more commonly. This is a well-known point.

We go to a shop to buy something and pay via Paytm and we will show the success page of the transaction after payment. Something similar to this.

fake paytm app

The shopkeeper doesn’t check his mobile because we showed him the success page.

Here comes the loophole for the scammers. There is are spoof apps of Paytm. Here we can enter the credentials like name, amount etc…

fake paytm app

After entering the credentials the success page of a transaction is created by this app as shown above.

Tada!! They show this page to the shopkeeper and he thinks that he received the money.

So beware guys. Please inform your family / friends who are receiving money through Paytm. Check in your Paytm. Don’t blindly believe the fake transactions.

Pani poori waala, some not so technically educated shopkeepers are also using Paytm these days. Please don’t do these type of things with them. They are earning for their 3 times food and their children’s education. Don’t do these type of things with such type of people.

Spread awareness among such people regarding this fake Paytm app.

Courtesy: Quora

Written by Ankur Shrivastava

Twitter @ankshva | Ankur Shrivastava is a Tech enthusiast, a Digital Marketer and a Finance Geek with an experience in SEO and Affiliate Marketing. He writes primarily about digital startups, digital marketing, WordPress, and B2B topics. Being a Finance geek, he also writes about Financial Fixes.


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