DomainWatch Review: Get notified when a domain becomes available

domainwatch review

DomainWatch takes away the tedious task of checking domain availability and saves you a lot of time.

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Google Play Instant – Try Android Games Before Downloading

Google Play Instant

Google Play Instant lets us preview or download a mini version of the game before actually downloading the whole game. This mini version could be a just a first level or could be a tutorial, that’s currently up to the game developer.

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Add OneSignal Push on WordPress AMP by Automattic

OneSignal AMP Push on WordPress for free

Step by Step guide on how to OneSignal AMP Push on WordPress for FREE without any WordPress push notifications plugin or subscription. This is a 5 step guide to add OneSignal push notification to your AMP pages for FREE if you use the default AMP Plugin by Automattic.

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10 Remarkable Telegram Messenger App Tricks You Should Try Today

Telegram is an excellent messaging app which has some mind-blowing features that no other messaging apps offer such as channels, supergroups, and built-in security features. I’ve listed out 10 remarkable Telegram Messenger App Tricks to enhance your overall experience with Telegram App.

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The Ultimate Guide to AutoDraw : Online Drawing Tool for Dummies by Google! (It’s Free)

autodraw online drawing tool

AutoDraw is an online drawing tool. It’s a virtual drawing board where you don’t need to know how to draw! Autodraw is one of the best drawing programs. Draw anything you can imagine even if you are a rookie, the result will be mind-blowing!

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How To Start A Blog And Make Money!

How to start a WordPress Blog

In just a few clicks, your blog will be up and running! No coding is required! Even a beginner with zero knowledge would be able to do this!

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TripTrip : An Awesome Trip Planner For Your Dream Destination

TripTrip Trip Planner

TripTrip lets you build your dream vacation. Add days, hotels, restaurants, shopping plans, and much more!

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Google Instant Search is back on Android! Here’s how to get it!

google instant search google go

Google Instant Search is fast, sleek and super sexy! Here’s a detailed guide on how to get it on your Android.

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Adsense Auto Ads Complete Tutorial [including AMP Ads]

Adsense Auto Ads Complete Tutorial (including AMP Auto Ads). It uses Machine Learning to automatically insert at apt location to increase CTR

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Stop Investing in Bitcoin! 7 Bitcoin Alternatives Listed!

bitcoin alternatives

7 Bitcoin Alternatives summed up! Some are worth less than a dollar! Siacoin is worth almost free!

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